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The Many Community Mental Health Services Available to You

Well developed and well managed community mental health services are actually associated with low suicide rates. Hence, mental health services for the masses can be improved by focusing on the community based and specialized mental health services.

If ever you are in need of mental health services, you can contact your local affiliates of the national self help organizations or the local mental health center. Most of these agencies have the relevant information on the various services designed to meet the different needs of those who are suffering from different types of disorders such as anxiety conditions, panic disorders, schizophrenia, etc. Apart from these, they also provide information related to community mental health services designed specifically for children, refugees, HIV infected patients, the elderly, etc. Here are a list of various community health services available for your use.

Mental health act has provided a great opportunity in rendering different kinds of community care based upon individual needs. The provision of good residential accommodation for various groups of mentally disordered or patients with disorders who need constant care by the government aided agencies is a step towards enhancing the community health services.

Generally community health services treat or support people suffering with mental disorders in a domiciliary setting instead of placing them in a hospital or a psychiatric asylum. The various services offered by these community services usually differ from country to country. Most of the community services consist of psychiatric wards similar to that of a hospital. These services are mostly rendered by professionals and government organizations. According to the world health organization, community services are very easy to access by a wide range of people and are quite effective and even aid in reducing social exclusion.

When compared to private mental hospital, community services are less likely to have possibilities for the violation and neglect of human rights which are rarely encountered in few of the mental hospitals. These community services also play an important role in educating the people about the various common disorders and their corresponding symptoms. This way, people gain knowledge on various disorders and can easily recognize individuals who may be suffering from these disorders but might not really be aware of them. Aged and older people who require constant attention, can get benefited by these community services, instead of paying huge bills at private hospitals, they can get good care at the community services.

With the population in the older age group on the rise, there is need for the development of community mental health services in various localities. Also, with many specialists willing to volunteer at the community services, clients can gain a lot of benefits. Since, most of the mental health disorders occurrence do not have a clear reason behind them, the treatment usually is a long term one and for people who cannot afford highly expensive treatments and consultations, community mental health services is the best place to choose. With government pitching in to provide funds for them, it is time people think of visiting them when needed.

Are Homeopathic Remedies Always All Natural and the Best Medical Solution

I asked a physician that I know that specializes in Internal Medicines (Dr. Gismondi) what homeopathic medicine is and if products that tout the use of homeopathy are as affective? Below is what he wrote.

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted preparations to the point that one of my teachers in medical school stated that we would be very lucky to get even one molecule of the herb or remedy in a dose of homeopathic medicine.

Reading about the “scientific” background of Homeopathy we learn that it was started by a German physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) who lived before we had scientific tools and ways to assert whether a new method or medicine really works.

A stated principle of Homeopathy is that you should give the least amount of medicine necessary to cause healing or improvement. This small amount is called the “Minimum Dose.” Since medicines can cause side effects, and some quite serious, Hahnemann began successive dilution and agitation of his medicines to find the point at which they would be presumed to be therapeutic, yet not toxic. But as stated above, there had been no good way to establish whether this highly diluted “medicine” really worked, except for physician impression – known to be an unreliable way to prove efficacy.

This lack of evidence has translated into enough negative studies. Therefore the use of certain Homeopathic preparations as herbal remedies has been discarded as “ineffective” or “questionable” by U.S. medical literature.

Investigating the medical literature regarding Homeopathic Arnica Montana proves this point. Every one of such negative studies was performed with a homeopathic preparation. Yet in a particular biased source [as gleaned from the words used] it is stated that a large review found Homeopathy to show positive results: “British Medical Journal 302-(Feb 1991 ):316-323 Kleignen, J et al. Clinical Trials of Homeopathy– Published review of 105 clinical trials with homeopathic remedies. Eighty-one demonstrated effectiveness.”

In reviewing this article the following conclusion was attached to the published abstract:

“CONCLUSIONS–At the moment the evidence of clinical trials is positive but not sufficient to draw definitive conclusions because most trials are of low methodological quality and because of the unknown role of publication bias. This indicates that there is a legitimate case for further evaluation of homoeopathy, but only by means of well performed trials.” In other words, even this sympathetic reviewer states that it is likely that the reported positive results are due to the bias of the authors in poorly designed studies. And “well performed trials” do not exist.

Many companies on the internet are promoting products for the relief of pain and inflammation with Arnica Montana as a homeopathic solution. As you have read about the definition and effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, the use of enough Arnica would not be affective to your ailments. So when you are investigating an alternative to oral pain medications or the nationally advertised topical analgesics, do not be fooled that homeopathic remedies are the answer.

Salacia Oblonga Diabetes Medicine – Review of Salacia Oblonga Capsules a Popular Diabetes Medicine

Salacia oblonga is an ayurvedic herb found in Indian subcontinent which has been traditionally used in treating type 2 diabetes patients. The ayurvedic practitioners in India and Sri Lanka have been effectively using this herb for hundreds of years to keep diabetes under control. A company selling salacia oblonga in capsule form is fully confident of its efficacy and is offering full money back guarantee if it does not show desired results. In this article we are going to review this herb which is growing in popularity amongst the diabetes sufferers.

What Does It Contain?

Salacia oblonga herb contains a-Glucosidase inhibitors: Salacinol and Kotalanol 9, these two inhibitors help in controlling glucose levels in the body. This herb has also been found to assist in lowering excessive weight problems.

Companies Selling This Herb in Capsule Form

At present there is only company named ”Botanika” I know of which is selling this herb in capsule form, the companies website is full of satisfied customer testimonials and a lot of information for diabetes patients and reports of successful trials of salacia oblonga herb on diabetes patients. The capsules are in the strength of 500mg and the dosage is 2 capsules twice daily.


The pricing of the capsules is quite on the lower side compared to other medicines being sold for diabetes treatment. A one month supply of the medicine is priced at $45 while a one year supply is for $300 with free shipping being offered for customers all over the world.

Precautions and Warning

Generally what people do is when they start taking ayurvedic medicines they stop the intake of their prescribed medicines by the doctors. You should not stop taking those medicines immediately but decrease their intake gradually when the ayurvedic herbs start to take control of the body because herbal form of treatment takes time for showing the desired results.